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Rawemark´s Net Magazine - Grils and Ladies world-wide seeking for friendship, marriage. US$12.00= Euro 10.00. 

FOCUS Magazine: the World´s best choice fo men - Girls of the World. 40 pages filled with girls of the world seeking for friendship, marriage. Printed in UK on glossy art paper. Nice photos. US$15.00 = Euro 15.00, Order code: PP-37 

EUROPEAN CONNECTIONS - another frienship magazine on golossy art paper from the UK. Girls from European countries seeking for friendship, more. Lovely photos. US$15.00 = Euro 15.00. Orer code: PP-39

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From Russia with Love


Russian Girls booklets: each 130 - 150 photo profiles of pretty and beautiful, gorgeous girls from ex. Soviet states seeking for marriage partners. 

RS-20   RUSSIAN GIRLS "From Russia with Love" # 23 . Profiles with photos and personal addresses. Current issue US$10.00 = 10 Euro
!   From Russia With Love, and Special Issues, older, but most adverts are still valid. 3 booklets for US$10.00 = Euro 10.00, 6 booklets for US$15.00 = Euro 15.00, 9 booklets for US$20.00 = Euro 20.00, 12 booklets for only US$25.00 = Euro 25.00.
RUS-   From Russia With Love, issues 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
OM-9   OMEGA International. A co-op magazine with several ex. Soviet state agencies from Russia, Ukraine, Belaus, The Baltic's, Kazakhstan etc. Both personal and agency addresses + address, phone, fax, e-mail information of domestic agencies that have their girls and ladies listed.
IN-2   IRON MA´AM - EDELWEISS . Pretty girls from Belarus (White Russia) both personal & "via agency"
FR-51   FORTUNA 2004. Girls and ladies from St.Petersburg, Russia. All contacts via gency Fortuna
NT-21   NATALY NET. ( web page print 2004 ) Gorgeous girls and ladies from St.Petersburg, all over Russia. St.Petersburg via agency.
PP-11   PANNA + smaller booklets. Co-op magazine & flyers with Ukrainian agencies  
LV-8   LAURA - A co-op collection presenting girls from Vinnitsa area in Ukraine. Both direct & via agency addressies.
YC-2   YELENA COLLECTION 2. A combination of lovely girls and ladies from ex.Soviet. Co-op magazine with agencies all over Russia, Ukraine, etc. Both personal & via agency addresses.
TL-1   "TATYANA" Most beautiful girls from all over Russia
AN-4   ANNA - Ukrainian Gils Special issue (Quite old print, still pretty girls that can be found through the agency)
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