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R-1579 Regina

R-1582 Julia

R-1584 Julia


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R-1579 Regina Shigmatullina, P.O.Box 131111, PRC Moscow 101000, Russia. Young Tatar lady 20/178/58, black hiar, green eyes, law student, serious, sociable, ambitious. Sports, swimming, muisc, modelling, literature. Looking for a gentleman for long-term relationship.

R-1582 Julia Trofimova, P.O.Box 146213, Moscow 101000, Russia. University student, 25/165/50, hazel eyes, brunette, never married, no children, open-minded, easy-going. Looking for a gentleman for happy family.

R-1584 Julia Shustrikova, P.O.Box 114616 Moscow PRC 101000, Russia. Born 03.12.1979, 172cm, 54kg, single, no children, higher education, English teacher/tutor. Intelligent, kind, loving, energetic, understanding, cheerful, active. Reading, music, dancing, cooking, travelling, sunbathing, theatre, mocies, art-galleries, nature, animals, flowers. Looking for a man with similar characteristics, who knows what he wants from life, with serious intentions, who can value a woman and life in all its beaty, 25-50 years, 170-195cm.

F-1629 Larisa-Fortuna-2006, Malaya Koniushennaya 4/2, apt. 90, 191186 St.Petersburg, Russia. Born 02.03. 1966, 168cm, 67kg, green eyes, blonde, secondary special education, manager, single, no children, Travelling, diving, nature, home. Intelligent, kind. Looking for a cheerful, interesting, loving man for marriage.

G-1511 Irina Alexandrova, Novo-Kombinatovskaya Str. 1-26, 433310 Isheevka, Ulyanovsk Region, Russia. Born 25.05.1973, 155cm, 48kg, single, no children, University graduate, teacher of English and German / editor. Reading, travelling, sports, music, cinema, cooking. Cherful, kind, calm, optimistic, affectioante. Looking for a tall, ordrly business-like, educated man 30 - 38, up to 190cm tall.

F-1629 Larisa

G-1511 Irina


G-1511 Irina

R-1581 Svetlana Bobkova, P.O.Box 8. 211440 Novopolotsk, Gos-4, Belarus. Born 17.12.1968, 169cm, 54kg, blue eyes, blonde, divorced, no children, higher education, tutor in kindergarden. english, some German. Faithful, kind, honest, friendly, open-minded, caring, affectionate, sexy, emotional, dynamic. Music, sports, travelling, cinema, literature, nature, fashion, massage. Looking for a kind man up to 40 years, sociable, serious, reliable, romantic, sensitive, cheerful.

B-1633 Maria Saikina, P.O.Box 86, Gertsena Str. 26-33, 452607 Oktyabrskiy, Bashkortostan, Russia. Born 15.08.1973, 180cm, 67kg, brown hair and eyes, never married, no children, University graduate, musician. English, some Italian. Music, singing, dancing, drawing, gym., biology, travelling. Vegetarian, optimistic, well-balanced, understanding, respectful. looking for an honest, understanding, kind white man up to 47 years.

R-1581 Svetlana


B-1633 Maria

R-1609 Tatiana

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R-1609 Tatiana, P.O.Box 2831, 83120 Donetsk, Ukraine. Lady 39/170/69, green eyes, fair hair, divorced, son 18. Reading, cooking, movies, music, nature, travelling. Honest, romantic, caring. Looking for a kind man from Europe, USA, Canada, 40-55 yers of age.

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