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R-1883 Maria

R-1883 Maria

R-1883 Maria


R-1883 Maria Pertheva, Komsomoslkaya Str. 28A, Nadezda, 356220 Stavropol Region, Russia. Born 29.03.1979, 175cm, 58kg, brown hair and eyes, single, noc hildren, hoigher education, teacher/insurance representative. English, German. Sports, travelling, reading, knitting, sewing, design clothes. Kind, supportive, honest. Looking for a white man up to 40 years, honest, decent, kind, athletic, 175cm or taller. e-mail: maryperts24(ät)

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R-1886 Ella

R-1886 Ella

  R-1886 Ella Bustruck, Agency "Your Chance" P.O.Box 64, 169300 Ukhta, Komi Rep., Russia. Born 10.06.1978, 162cm, 60kg, hazel-green eyes, brown hair, single, no children, higher education, in geophysics. Purposeful, sociable kind, attentive, sensitive, love children, adore animals. Playing the piano, modern dance, skiing, swimming, travelling. Looking for a young, sportive, kind and reliable gentleman.

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R-1889 Aigul Yarullina, Bikhaya Str. 38/1-137, 450099 Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia. aigul1979(ät) Born 23.09.1979, 174cm, 55kg, brown eyes, black hair, University graduate, book-keeper, never married, no children. Travelling, music, cinema, computers, car driving. Kind, quiet, balanced, sincere. Looking for a kind, interesting man, to become not only the partner of life but also a close friend, 25-45 years of age.

R-1889 Aigul

R-1889 Aigul

R-1890 Alla


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R-1890 Alla Babicheva, Do Vostrebovania, 644117 Omsk, Russia. Lady 33 years, 170cm, 67kg, grey-green eyes, divorced, daughter 6 secondary education, florist. Communicative, kind, intellitgent, tender. Nature, animals, reading, theatre, swimming, travelling. Looking for a clever, kind, man for marriage. Photo, please.

D-1891 Roma Bolohova, Bazarnaya Str. 5, Ramesnky Udelnaya, 140140 Moscow Region, Russia. Born 07.05.1972, 170cm, 67kg, divorced, daughter 10, higher technical education, working in the army. Attractive brunette. Optimistic, affectionate, kind faihtful. Travelling, theatre, ballet, opera, animals. looking for decent, calm, kind man who loves children. Photo, please. e-mail: cheburan(ät)

D-1891 Roma


D-1895 Tatiana

D-1896 Galina

D-1897 Iraida

D-1892 Olga Beljaeva, Pushikin Str 30-44, 610008 Kirov, Russia. oly1234(ät) Born 19.01.1967, 164cm, 64kg, grey eyes, blonde, widow, son 17, higher education, pharmacy accountant. Travelling, music, nature, sports. Looking for a kind, attentive gentleman up to 45 years of age for marriage.

D-1895 Tatiana Pereverzeva, Pobedy Str. 6-13, Sergiev Posad, 141300 Moscow Region, Russia. Lady 34 years, 168cm, 70kg, long chestnut hair, big grey eyes, friendly smile, divorced, son 11, dentist. Emotional, independent, intelligent, balanced. Medical science, children, cosy home, theatre, arts. Looking for an energetic, kind, clever, intelligent man 35-45 years for a happy marriage with our own children.

D-1896 Galina Vishnyakova, Al-Faraby 74-35, 470000 Astana, Kazakhstan. galav(ät) Russian woman 45 years, 168cm, 70kg, teacher, divorced, daughter 13. nice looking, slim, Zodiac sign Scales, romantic, optimistic,, intelligent. Literature, swimming, travelling, languages. Looking for a kind, independent man whose heart is ready to love and be loved.

D-1897 Iraida Sourkova, Tolstova Str. 6-55, Chernjakchovsk, 238100 Kaliningrad Region, Russia. Lady 56 years, 156cm, 53kg, dark hair, blue eyes, widow, higher education, teacher. Kind, hard-working, tactful. Countryside, nature, music, reading, cooking, museums, travelling, gardening. Looking for a nice man 56-75 years of age from Europe.

D-1892 Olga

  R-1899 Olga Gavrilova, Agency "Your Chance" , P.O.Box 64, 169300 Ukhta, Komi Rep., Russia. Born 27.07.1970, 160cm, 55kg, blonde, blue- grey eyes, divorced, son 6, higher education, bank cashier. Practical, calm, kind, honest, trusworthy, hard- working, . Knitting, travelling, sight- seeings, music, dancing. A serious, family oriented man.

R-1899 Olga

R-1899 Olga

R-1894 Anastasiya Mineieva, ul. Kuibishevo 6-504, Novokuznetsk, Russia. anastaziya1(ät) Born 03.11.1982, 170cm, 50kg, blue-grey eyes, dark fair hair, University student, engineer-programmist, never married, no children. painting, literature, healthy life style, travelling, running, needleworks, music, arts, nature and many other interesting things. Responsible, kind-hearted, affectionate, sincere, sociable, elegant, intelligent. Looking for a reliable, vigorous, cheerful, intelligent, financially independent spotive man 25-38 years of age, interestd in arts, travelling.

D-1894 Anastasiya

D-1894 Anastasiya

R-1894 Anastasiya

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